About Us

A Trusted Choice since 1994


 With more than twenty years of brand presence in the local market, our brand name denotes passion, innovation and hence high product quality. Today, JEB has risen to be one of the reputable local manufacturers in security door, and the first and only one to be based in Northern Malaysia.

The primary emphases of our team are to deliver products and services of consistent quality, on-going R&D in enhancing both the safety and aesthetic features of our product series. Most importantly, we strive to ensure timely delivery and streamlined service provision all across our product carriers.

Our born passion for long lasting business relationship drives us to exercise high adaptability in accommodating customers' preferences, which constantly fuels our innovation in designing products and service delivery.

The ability to offer 'an extra peace of mind, a better place to live for all’ is the core value of our business and also the key ingredient to our infinite passion.

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