the Anti-Panic Lock for Security Door by JEB

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The standard heavy-duty premium multiple-lockpoint masterlock that is default to any security and safety door in the market requires KEY to fully release or fully lock the door. Despite still considered to be easy-to-operate, it is not unusual for many of us to misplace keys!

The anti-panic lock operates on a single push/pull mechanism from the inside to fully release/lock the security door. This is important to protect yourself, your family and your premise from danger such as intrusion or even when you need to escape from unexpected situations.

  • Instant Access in Emergency Situation- During critical moments, you can swiftly unlock the door with a single intuitive motion, giving you immediate access to safety without any delays or panic-inducing struggles.
  • Stress-Free Operation- No more fumbling in the dark or under pressure to find the right key. Its ergonomic shape and easy-to-grasp handle provide a comfortable grip for quick and efficient unlocking.
  • Enhanced Security Features- It does not compromise on quality. With its robust construction and innovative locking mechanism, it offers the same level of protection as the default multipke-lockpoint masterlock.
Designed for forgetful people like us!

05 Jun 2023